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Yoga is discipline

Yoga implies a long and difficult work and one must be ready to accept the necessity of years of preparation and purification and increasing consecration (devotion and surrender to the Divine) before the greater results can come.”
– Sri Aurobindo

Yoga is  meditation

If you feel whenever you meditate the quiescence and the flashes of the inner Light and if the inward urge is growing so strong that the external hold is decreasing and the vital disturbances (emotional disturbances of anger, doubt, grief, fear, pride etc.) are losing their force, that is already a great progress.

– Sri Aurobindo

Yoga is life

A man may be centrally sincere and yet there may be many things that have to be changed in him before realisation can begin. His sincerity must enable him to persevere always — for it is a longing for the Divine that nothing can quench, neither delay nor disappointment nor difficulty nor anything else.”
– Sri Aurobindo

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Sri Aurobindo Meditation center
Practice yoga and find your inner peace

Hailing from a long line of renowned bhakti yogis, Swami Vidyanand was born into the deeply spiritual environment of Datiya (in Madhya Pradesh), recognized as being one of the seventeen sacred centers of Tantra in India. His first master was his father, Dr. Sri Harihar
Goswami, who was a very prominent spiritual speaker, he would give satsang about ancient Indian philosophy and sacred texts. Swami Vidyanand was bathed into spirituality from birth, gained awareness of the spiritual world at an early age and was able to speak along with his father and talk about the traditional ancient Indian scriptures. The feeling of incompleteness felt when giving teachings and speeches about things he had not experienced was one of the starting points of his spiritual quest.
What is the Divine? How can I experience the Divine? How can I serve the higher purpose? These questions have been guiding him all along the path and his aim today clearly remains that of serving the Divine purpose in daily life, through his work in the field of Yoga. 
Swami Vidyanand developed the Transformational Yoga system and taught Transformational Yoga courses at the Centre of Behavioral Health at the University of Hong Kong where he also conducted a thorough research about the effects of this method on the health of
practitioners. Swami Vidyanand’s influence goes beyond the borders of India: he regularly conducts workshops and training programs all over the world. Having founded the SriMa International School of Transformational Integral Hatha Yoga in New Delhi and later established its headquarters near Pondicherry in South India, he pursues the effort to spread authentic knowledge about Yoga and Meditation. He is a life-time member of the Sri Aurobindo Educational Society in Sri Aurobindo Ashram Delhi branch. He is the Founder-President of Yoga Alliance International (YAI) and Meditation Alliance International (MAI)

Swami Vidyanand now offers you personalised, in-depth meditation classes based on the teaching of Sri Aurobindo, as expressed in his 'Life Divine' and 'Synthesis of Yoga'

Classes will be held every Sunday from 5:00 PM to 6:00 PM. Classes are available only to those who have completed an interview. For additional information, please talk to SWAMI VIDYANAND on this number: 9810670711

secrets of the chakras

The navel-centre (nābhi-padma) is the main seat of the centralised vital consciousness (dynamic centre) which ranges from the heart level (emotional) to the centre below the navel (lower vital, sensational desire centre). These three make the domain of the vital being. It is therefore clear that it was your inner vital being which had this experience, and its intensity and vehemence was probably due to the whole vital (or most of it) being awake and sharing in it this time. The experience itself was psychic in its origin, but was given a strong emotional-vital form in its expression. I may add, for completeness, that the centre of the psychic is behind the heart and it is through the purified emotions that the psychic most easily finds an outlet. All from the heart above is connected with the mental-vital and above it is the mind with its three centres. One in the throat (the outward-going or externalising mind), one between the eyes or rather in the middle of the forehead (the centre of vision and will) and one above, communicating with the brain, which is called the thousand-petalled lotus, and where are centralised the highest thought and intelligence, communicating with the greater mind planes (illumined mind, intuition, overmind) above.

– Sri Aurobindo

The Chakras